Editorial Team


Sophia Yang / Editor-In-Chief

Yasmin Farah Peer / Editor-In-Chief


Funding and Outreach Director

Hi, my name is Aastha Vaidhya and I am a freshman at Queen’s University studying Health Sciences. Through this degree, I hope to receive an education that combines physiological knowledge while emphasizing the need to focus on various dimensions of health. Ultimately, I hope to help individuals live a better quality of life by advocating for bias awareness in order to improve medical education and community health. I believe that JMRL’s mission to increase diversity in academia is important to working towards my vision for equitable healthcare.


Peer-Review Director

Michelle Wong is a third-year undergraduate student attending Western University. She is pursuing a BMSc in physiology and pharmacology and hopes to attend dental school after graduation. She is on the varsity figure skating team and was an active member of the Lives for Literacy research team last year. Currently, she is part of the Peer Review Director’s Team. By delving deeper in the field of research, she hopes to use her knowledge to help others beyond the classroom. Much like the mission of Lives for Literacy, she wishes to have an impact where individuals feel more valued, respected, and heard.



Robert Chin-See / Editor

Robert is a fourth year undergraduate student at Wilfrid Laurier University where he is majoring in Health Science and minoring in biology and chemistry. His interest primarily lie in public health, preventative measures and epidemiology and began during his second year after taking a course that taught research methods in the health sciences. Learning about preventable inequities that plague communities and populations and how a sound evidence-base can help mititgate this turned him towards learning different programming languages and epidemiological techniques that can be applied for community change and action. Currently, Robert interns at the World Federation of Public Health Associations and the National Collaborating Centre for Infectious Disease however, he hopes for a full-time job. Robert wishes to pursue a career in epidemiology and teaching, to conduct research for vulnerable populations at the intersection of public health. When he is not volunteering or working Robert finds himself reading books of all variety and playing badminton.


Owen Hu / Editor

Owen Hu, a grade 11 student from Burnaby North Secondary School in British Columbia, Canada, is pleased to be joining the Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Literacy as an editor. Involved in many writing-related co-curricular activities, Owen is content with advancing the organization’s cause and supporting diverse representation in the worlds of research, publishing, and academia. Outside of high school, you may find Owen engaging in deep diplomatic discussions at Model UN conferences downtown, preparing last-minute business cases, or enjoying a walk by the local lake with friends. With well wishes, Owen hopes to contribute to this notable opportunity for an international audience.


Yenah Byun / Editor

Hello! My name is Yenah and I am a second-year undergraduate at the University of British Columbia (UBC). I am currently studying as a Psychology major and hope to work with mental and behavioral health in the future. As a Korean-Canadian immigrant, I am particularly interested in the underrepresentation of psychological health in immigrant families and their native cultures. I aspire to become a trailblazer in unlearning the stigmatization surrounding mental health in adults and children alike. Along with psychopathy research, I enjoy learning languages (Korean, Greek, etc.) and reading historical literature. I am currently volunteering with First Steps Canada, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing malnourishment in North Korean children. In my free time, I can be found exploring the outdoors or exploring my creativity with a piano, paintbrush, or a pen and paper.


Elena Stragapede / Editor

My name is Elena Stragapede, I am a 3rd year student at the University of Waterloo majoring in Biology with a specialization in Animal Biology. I also enjoy psychology, especially when integrated with biological concepts, like that of developmental psychology. After completing my undergraduate degree, I am looking to further my education by getting my Master's degree and eventually go into research, particularly in the field of organismal biology or ecology. Outside of university, I love writing and going for bike rides!


Syed Haider Ali / Editor

Hello! My name is Syed Haider Ali (I go by Haider) and I am an undergraduate student, originally from Ottawa, ON, pursuing an Honours degree in English literature at McGill University. Though I do have a passion for English literature, especially Shakespeare, drama, and poetics, I’m also deeply intrigued by topics in science—particularly microbiology and immunology, which is my minor concentration at McGill. Outside of school, I work as a freelance tutor for English literature and history, helping high school students, especially those bound for the IBDP, hone their abilities as close readers and writers. With the JMRL, I serve as an editor—and I am so excited to see what articles and papers come my way!


Ashitha B Arun / Editor

Ashitha is a college student majoring in biology and chemistry. She has been passionate about biology and research for a long time and is always looking for opportunities to learn and try new things. One such quest to fulfill her curiosity and desire to volunteer led her to discover Lives For Literacy. As a passionate learner and researcher, she appreciates the value of team building and is motivated to share, learn from, and teach others, in order to expand the horizons of knowledge. She is currently exploring her new-found interest in the fields of data analysis and statistics. She enjoys  writing, playing and watching tennis, learning economics, as well as listening to music. She plans to  pursue a career in research and scientific communication in the future.


Lucas Santoro / Editor

Hello everyone, my name is Lucas Santoro and I am a recent graduate majoring in biology from York University. I am currently a research assistant as part of the Ottawa Health Research Institute where our research team studies journalology and publication science. I am eager and excited to join the Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Literacy and make research more accessible for students and underrepresented groups. I hope to make a meaningful impact on this journal and create a welcoming environment for our future readers and publishers!


Maryam Oloriegbe / Editor

Maryam Oloriegbe is a third-year medical sciences student at the University of Western Ontario, doing a double major in Microbiology and Immunology and One Health. She's participated in many research initiatives such as abstract proposals, literature reviews, and is currently working on a peer-reviewed paper on quantifying brain health. In her spare time, Maryam likes to watch TV shows, cook, bake, spend time with family, and participate in club activities with her peers. She is also very passionate about advocating for the Black and Muslim communities and has done work to support both causes.


Hannah Goodjohn / Editor

My name is Hannah Goodjohn and I am a third year honours life sciences student at McMaster University! I am a peer reviewer for the Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Literacy and I am passionate about increasing accessibility in science communication. I spend my free time volunteering with organizations such as ‘Lets Talk Science’ as well as at-risk communities in Hamilton. I am a member of the McMaster varsity cross country and track team and I love running! My academic interests lie in the fields of biology, psychology, behavioural ecology, and sports medicine. 


Olga Loggale / Editor

Hello, my name is Olga Loggale and I am from Edmonton, Alberta. I graduated from the University of Alberta in 2021 with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Biology and minoring in Psychology. Currently, I am putting my biology background to use with a position at Leading Edge Physiotherapy. Outside of work I have the privilege of being the Education and Advocacy taskforce lead with a Black-youth led organization called YEGTheComeUp, as well as an organizing member of the Anti-Oppressive Learning Collective – an educational based Alberta-wide book club. I am also into all things fitness, so if you’re looking for me in the summer, you will probably find me on a run, or on a hike! 


Tsz Yin Chan / Editor

Tsz Yin Chan is a third-year student at Western University, where she is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree specializing in Criminology. She has recently completed a research paper for a course comparing the causes of mental health in Canadian-born citizens and Canadian immigrants. In her studies, she has focused on strengthening research methods on sociology and criminology and is currently being in part of a qualitative research project about the experiences of racialized students on university campuses. Besides, Ms. Chan has also been in leadership positions such as being the co-production director for a Chinese radio club, and currently being a volunteer as one of the peer facilitators on campus. In the future, she would like to continue her studies by pursuing a Master’s degree hoping to focus further on criminology, and possibly pursuing research-related careers.


Jasmeet Dhaliwal / Editor

Hello! My name is Jasmeet (Jas for short) and I am a third-year undergraduate at McMaster University. I am currently studying as a Biochemistry major in the Integrated Science Program and hope to work in the healthcare industry in the future. I want to pursue medicine with the primary goal of helping others in underdeveloped countries and making medical care more accessible. I also hope to one day publish my own work and am interested in increasing the accessibility of science literacy, hence my role of a peer reviewer for the Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Literacy. Along with writing, I enjoy learning to play different instruments (piano, flute, etc.) and spending time with my puppy, Luna. I am currently volunteering as a tutor with at-risk youth in my community and have taken on leadership roles in several clubs at my school. In my free time, I can be found hiking outdoors, expressing my creativity through painting, and going out to eat with my friends.



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