Role Descriptions

Join the Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Literacy (JMRL) Team: Application Form

Peer-Review Director

Responsibilities (approx. 2-4 hours/week):

  • Help find and recruit peer-reviewers
  • Liaise between reviewers, authors and editors
  • Ensure the peer-review process runs smoothly
  • Meet deadlines

Layout Director

Responsibilities (approx. 2-3 hours/week, although you may not have a task every week):

  • Format and typeset approved manuscripts, figures and tables
  • Ensure quality of journal look and design for publication
  • Final check for grammar and punctuation errors in text
  • Previous experience in graphic and/or print design is an asset


Note: Editors will be provided with training from PKP school. Specialized editors for certain fields can be discussed.

Responsibilities (approx. 3-5 hours/week):

  • Work with authors to perform edits and revisions to the paper
  • Correct grammar and punctuation errors
  • Make suggestions to improve clarity of work
  • Ensure manuscripts uphold JMRL standards
  • Guide new authors through the publication process
  • Ensure quality of content
  • Meet deadlines


Note: While our positions are primarily volunteer-based, peer-reviewers may receive an honorarium for their contributions to the JMRL. The number of manuscripts you are able to review per year can be discussed.


  • Bring your expertise to evaluate quality and accuracy of manuscripts
  • Provide feedback to authors
  • Recommend papers for publication


  • At least a 3rd year undergraduate level of education (or higher) in any field of study

Outreach Director

Responsibilities (approx. 1-3 hours/week):

  • Increase the reach of our journal through social media
  • Open calls for submissions
  • Assist with recruitment
  • Come up with strategies for JMRL to be more accessible to youth, marginalized communities and underrepresented groups in academia

Funding Director

Responsibilities (approx. 2-5 hours/week):

  • Write grant proposals to ensure continuous funding for JMRL which will provide opportunities for youth and underrepresented groups to publish their research at no cost
  • Search for grants JMRL would be eligible for
  • Co-manage Lives for Literacy's international grants team